Rates per night   (+ Lodging tax : 3,5% + GST: 5%, + PST: 9,975% ) Canadian $,      valid until  2018 Nov. 30 .

Single or double occupancy, one (1) bed room:  max.  86 $ (+tx= 102,34 $)

Double occupancy, two (2) beds room:               max.  105 $ (+tx= 124,95 $)

For five (5) peoples, three (3) beds (2 doubles and 1 single): max.   160 $ (+tx= 190,40 $)

Per additional people (occupancy or guest):   15 $ (+tx= 17,86 $)

Extra charge for laggard: 5 $ par 10 minutes

Night services (20:30 to 8:30), extra charge per event :  25 $ (+tx= 29,75 $)


Payment methods + required security deposit or preauthorization (caution)

  • Credit cards : Visa    , MasterCard /Euro Card 
  • cash, money order; debit locally only.


We recommend to reserve and pay at least two (2) days in advance by the following methods. After this delay, only the paid reservations are guaranteed.


The reservation require preauthorization, which will be closed with claimable fees, only after check out.

 Remote reservation require preauthorization produced with your security information, which will be closed with claimable fees, only after check out.

·       security information: your name like on your credit card, postal code (zip), credit card #, expiration date and security code (backside of the card).

·       Foresee delivery before 15:00 two (2) days before the first day reserved.

 For your security, don’t send by email any confidential information.

Cancellation and laggard policies

Not fee for cancellation until 15:00 two (2) days before the reserved arrival day. Afterwards, for each unit cancelled, 65 % of the first day will be refunded if someone else rent this unit before 15:00 this day.

No refund for the first day of a final transaction.  A transaction is final

  .1   when customer vouched locally by his signature or his card PIN , or

  .2   at 15:00 the first day reserved, unless otherwise written agreement.


Extra charge for laggard: 5 $ per 10 minutes delay from the agreed max. arrival time or check out time, until 60 $ will be added to final transaction; no other service included after this delay.


Most frequent question’s answers

  • Max. check out time:              11:00  am
  • Min. room disposal time guarantee on reservation:  13:00   

Otherwise sooner with previous customer check out.

·       Max. arrival time to guarantee a reservation: 15:00 on Saturday; 17:00 on other day;

unless otherwise written agreement with extra charge for laggard stated above.

·       The rate per additional people to those declared (occupancy or guest inside, passed the doorstep) is 15$ +taxes per night. We consider a walking child (one year) deserve the title of people et require enough services to ask for a right contribution to the fees.

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